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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted


Zebras move around in a herd and are very social creatures.  Often seen hanging out with giraffe’s wildebeests and even rhino,  they possess excellent colour eye sight, rotating ears which can move in any direction, weigh about 450kg and stand at 4-5 ft at the shoulder.


There are a few theories as to why zebras have stripes.  One theory is that lions are colour blind so the black and white act as a camouflage.  Another is that when running in a large herd it makes it harder for the predator to single out one individual.  It is also thought to confuse insects, as insects recognise larger areas of similar fur as a target not this segmented looking creature, the effect which black and white gives.  I suppose another property of the white part of the fur is to deflect the sun’s rays.


One thing for certain is zebra stripes are as unique as are our fingerprints no two are the same, it is thought that this is how they recognise each other as individuals.

One thing I noticed about zebras besides their grace and beauty is that they are always beating off flies.   They are always twitching flies from their ears and switching and beating them off their hind with their tails. You would feel irritated just watching them.


Though it could be my misconception but there was a sense of community among the other herbivores as if they knew each other as individuals. Five or six species all intermingled with no poking or bugging, just a mutual comradeship and understanding.


In herds of zebras there is a real bond, being social animals like ourselves the herd protects the old and the young, if one gets separated they will find it to bring it back to the herd.  If some are slower than the others they will slow to match its pace and not leave it in danger.

Another similarity is that when the males who are close to both parents leave the family bosom at around 4 years (Its lot older for humans) they hang out with the lads for a while till they are strong enough to take control of their own herd.




Zebras of Maquze Park SA