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What is an Arachnid?


An arachnid is an arthropod , such as spider, scorpions, mites, and ticks, characterized by four pairs of segmented legs and a body that is divided into two regions( the cephalothoraxes and the abdomen).


Spiders are not so Scary!


Tarantulas are one of the most feared spiders but are in fact very shy creatures which rarely bite. Only about 25 species of spider are dangerous to man, most are not fatal if treated.


Spiders have exo-skeletons which means as they grow their skeleton dose not grow with them instead they grow a new skeleton under the old one and then burst out of their old one leaving behind a perfect replica of themselves


Spiders have actually got blue blood due to the plasma containing copper, unlike human blood which contains iron. The hair on their bodies is used to pick up vibrations from behind and in front.each spider is possesses eight legs and two palps.these are the two legs up front that spiders use to feel grab touch and taste. they are also used to help the spider feed. a spider cannot close its mouth or chew so it digests food outside the body turning it into a liquid which it absorbs like a smooth through a straw.


A lot more to come

Scorpian Tarrantula