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What are Reptiles?



All reptiles are cold-blooded creatures.This is why need to warm  themselves in the sun. Their bodies covered in dry, horny scales. Some reptiles lay eggs, others give birth to live young which come from eggs incubated internally.The reptile family includes turtles  crocadilians, snakes, lizards and tutatara.



Lizards are the great survivors of our planet. They were around when the first small dinosaurs roamed the earth, they survived being trampled on by huge monsters like t-rex and the 60 -70 tonne brachiosaurus.

They were around when polar ice caps were flourishing tropical jungles, when the earth cooled down, and heated up and when huge volcanic eruptions threw debris into the atmosphere, blocking the sun for months at a time. The final blow came to the dinosaurs when 65 million years ago, a huge asteroid hit the earth nearly wiping out all life on the planet, burning rain, freezing temperatures, flooding and global warming, marked the end of the dinosaur era. Out all those hard times lizards survived adapting to the many changes in the environment and world around them.  They will be around for many millions of years to come. Who knows what future events they may witness?

The History of Reptiles.

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