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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted


Dave will come to your Pre-School or Montessori School and show the children where webs come from in tarantulas, how snakes swallow their food, discover how many legs a millipede has, see a snapping turtle biting a carrot in half.


Find out first hand the difference between a reptile and an amphibian. They will learn about animal scenes and habitats. Not only that but they may also get to meet Kevin our Caiman Crocodile.


The show is interactive and offers the children a chance to touch and hold most of the animals.


For the most part, children of this age are not fearful of these creatures and become very involved; those who are nervous quite often come around and feel a sense of achievement.


Each child receives a certificate of bravery.


The beauty of Dave's animals is they do not get stress with noise or erratic movement and are captive born and used to human interaction.

Kevin-the-Croc Gary little_girl_maxizoo kids_with_creatures_2_

Kevin the Crocodile.

philotiella_leona Jungle Dave - turtles have teeth 2

Dave, Spike and Victor on RTE's Why Guy.