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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted

Duck Bill Platypuss

I have never actually seen one of these amazing creatures, they are like bits of different animals stuck together.Very strange creatures indeed!

Native to the Australian and Tasmanian riverbanks these are quite unique mammals, who hunt for insects and larva along the muddy riverbeds by stirring up mud. They only emerge from their burrows early in the morning and before night fall.

They have webbed feet and a flat leathery shovel like beak which is used for digging. Sensors on the bill act like a second sight and guide them under water with their eyes closed.

Platypuses have no neck, small eyes, no visible ears and a broad flat tail used for swimming and storing fat. The male possesses a spur or spike on his inner leg which contains poison, used probably as a weapon agents dingo’s and such creatures.The sting is very powerful and sometimes fatal. At mating season males try to impress the female by having digging and pushing competitions with other males.

Females lay around one to three eggs in their long safe burrows. After around ten days the young emerge feeding off the mother’s milk and will do so for three months or so. When old enough they will go away and live a life mostly on their own.

Fossils of the platypus ageing 15 million years old have been found. It is reckoned that they have been around for at least 110 million years. Now thats a long time!


More to come on platypuses at a later date!.