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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted

A once in a lifetime experience to meet, interact, learn and get a fresh new appreciation for these beautiful animals.  


The more adventurous person will be encouraged to touch and hold them and conquer any fear or misconception they may have. You and your family will come away enlightened with a more positive view of these ancient animals.


Suitable for kids of all ages, boys and girls (adults too). At the show, you will meet snakes, experience spiders and scorpions one on one.  Interact with see giant millipedes, snapping turtles, water dragons, a crocodile and iguana.


Witness demonstrations of some of nature's little tricks. It will be a show to remember. All of the animals are safe and used to humans. Dave ensures the animals do not suffer stress.  


Shows last for an hour, but more often than go over time.


No limit to the number of people but smaller groups of 20 or less are ideal, as kids benefit more.


Each child gets a certificate for courage and bravery at the end of the show!


Relaxed Great Fun Guaranteed!

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Party On!

Don’t just offer Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues followed by fizzy pop and fairy cakes. Hang the expense! Call in the party experts.


Creepy Creatures Jungle Dave

At the risk of falling foul of militant feminists, this one is especially brilliant for little boys. The impressively hirsute Jungle Dave, an authentically wild hiberno-version of the late Steve Irwin, will travel to your home complete with an exotic menagerie . Fearless kids are draped in 16-foot-long snakes as tarantulas nestle in their hair and scorpions scurry up and down their arms. Other intrepid infants interact happily with iguanas, giant millipedes, snapping turtles, water dragons, monitor lizards and chatty cockatoos. The whole experience is entirely safe as the animals are impeccably trained and at ease around humans – which is more than can be said for the kids.

Dave's Jungle Reptile Party

eddiefor-web Scorpian Tarrantula cockroach

Spike the Alligator Snapping Turtle.




Kevin (real not a cake)

Your Birthday Cake Creations

Every Child gets one of these.

Party Invite - Download Snapping turtle Jungle Dave - Scorpions butterflyangle

Dave and Pinchy on Why Guy


IMG_2338 Jago Fitz CaneToad-and-Bearded-Dragon philotiella_leona Leah Higgins (2)

Phil the Rhino Iguana


Our party prices have remained the same for 11 years..

Birthday Cakes cert-16 Party invite