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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted


Orang-utan means people of the forest it was believed that they were men who hid in trees so they didn’t have to work.  Found in Malaysia Indonesia and Borneo regions, orang-utans are the second most intelligent next to man on this planet, sharing 97% of our DNA. They have a great ability for making tools and solving problems.  Making hats out of leaves and even shelters over their sleeping nests to keep off the rain, they use tools as a means of extracting flesh from fruit and they also teach their young these skills. They have their own language and can learn from their mistakes.


Their average life span is around forty years of age.  Generally females have their young (normally one) every eight years.  The offspring are fed by the mother for around six years, and they may remain with her for a few years after they are weaned. During this time they learn which fruit and leaves they can eat and which not to eat. Developing agility in the trees using their long arms they swing gracefully.  Because of their clumsiness and lack of balance on the ground they are rarely seen on the ground. Orang-utans are solitary creatures apart from when females have young, males on the other hand only spend a few days with females during mating and spend the rest of their time alone.


It is reckoned that there are only about 20,000 Orangutans in existence today due to the destruction of their habitats.