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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragons are found in one place in the world, that is Komodo Island one of 17,000 islands in Indonesia , South East Asia.


The largest lizard in the world, they can reach lengths of three to four meters and 150 lb in body-weight.


Along with their huge size they have a big appetite, hunting pigs, goats, buffalo and occasionally the odd human has fallen prey but this is rare.


With an ability to run in short bursts of 15 miles an hour they grab their prey ripping the flesh with curved teeth and injuring. Their mouths contain lots of dangerous bacteria. This is what eventually causes the victims death, the wound quickly gets infected. In the mean time the dragon follows its victim flicking its long tongue tasting the air for the scent. After a few hours the victim’s wound becomes severely infected causing the animal to become weak and eventually collapse with fever. This is when the Komodo takes advantage ripping the flesh with its strong claws swallowing large lumps of flesh. Very often other dragons will join in to share the feast.