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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted

Killer Whale

The Orca (The Killer Whale)

These are the largest members of the dolphin family (they belong to the mammal group) reaching lengths of 32 ft, males are usually larger than females. They, like dolphins are very intelligent, looking after and feeding their young.

The Orca prey on marine mammals and fish, they sometimes hunt in groups and have been known to take down whales.

They are to be found in all the oceans of the world but prefer cooler waters where there are nice blubbery seals and penguins. With their remarkable sense of hearing they send out click noises which bounce off their prey and back to their ears, allowing them to find exactly where the next meal is located.

The whales travel in groups, sometimes fifty travelling at a time. The Male Orca, also known as grand master, will have several females in his group (pod) and will all remain pretty loyal, staying together for life (up to 50 years in the wild). When the young are old enough they too go off and join or start their own pods. Some even just prefer go it alone or join small pods.