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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted


These dog like creatures were once found around Europe and  Ireland around 10000 years ago but are now confined to Africa where the live next to lions, scavenging and hunting for food.  Although they are similar to dogs they are more closely related to the cat family. Hyenas hang around in packs of as many as eighty.  The female hyenas are larger and dominate the males.

Hyenas are powerful hunters their strength and speed allow them to bring down prey many times larger than themselves. Aiming for the stomach disembowelling the poor victim is their favourite method of killing. They are capable of running at speeds of 60kph and will chase their meal for two miles or so until they tire, then they give up as they are more vulnerable to attack themselves. Hyenas usually hunt in packs, all members of which are closely related.

They have an excellent digestive system and can digest bone and teeth anything they are unable to break down is vomited up as pellets. If food is left over it is often buried in a pool of mud to be eaten at a later time.

The name hyena comes from the word hysterical as their cry is like high pitched laughter.