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Crocodiles & Alligators

Crocodiles are the most intelligent of all reptiles they are larger stronger and heavier. Internally they have a four chambered heart that separates oxygenated blood from de-oxygenated blood. They have a cerebral cortex which is absent in other reptiles and plays a key part in memory recognising sounds and awareness.


They are similar to birds in many ways they, swallow stones called gastroliths to help digest food and is believed to act as ballast in the water. The skull bone structure is more similar to a dog than other reptiles. Most females care for their young while in the egg and after hatching. Survival is aided by an incredible immune system that attacks bacteria and allows even limb loss in the dirtiest of water they do not seem to fall to infection. The tongue is fixed to the bottom of the mouth and can’t be stuck out but is used to manipulate food before swallowing.



kevin-the-croc-closse-up Alligator

Caimen Crocadile