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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted



Bet you that cows were boring!


Here are some interesting facts about cows.  During its lifetime a cow can produce around 200,000 glasses of milk. Each cow eats around 45kg of food a day.  They have no top front teeth so they grab the grass and twirl it around their tongues then cut it with their lower teeth.


 They have 3 stomachs in which the food is fermented and they produce a lot of gas.  Unfortunately cows are making a contribution to global warming, as all the gas their stomachs produce is more or less burped out through their mouths and their bums (cows fart a lot!).  The gas (methane) is a green house gas which causes the sun to heat the earth more than it should.  Each cow makes 20kg of gas each year and considering there are over 1 billion cows on the planet they may do more damage than car fumes to the environment.


Each heard and even cows from different areas have different accents, they have different moo’s depending which part of the country they are from.  They have an acute sense of smell and can pick up scents from up to six miles away. Their intelligence is said to be higher than that of cats and comparable to a dog.  Cows have good memories and can recognise human faces.  They are very curious and like to work out problems.  Each cow has a different personality and the happier they are the more milk they produce