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Zoo Licenced and Garda Vetted

Summer and Easter Camps


Holiday camps have proved successful for us over the years, catering for kids of all ages.  Each show is tailored to the age of the group. It is fully interactive, and the kids learn a great deal about the animals.


It is good to catch kids before myths and irrational fears set in. The Show makes these exotic creatures tangible and real to children who would typically only get to see many of these creatures on TV.  The show has a 100% wow factor, and each child receives a certificate as a Dave’s Jungle recognised reptile and tarantula handler for their bravery. We also have excellent rates to suit your requirements.



Many organisers say it was the most exciting and talked about event of the week!

philotiella_leona peabut python-with-shawow Snapping turtle

An Idea For Your Camp