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Zoo Licenced, Fully Insured And Garda Vetted

Bearded Dragons



These  Australian lizards are easy going and not aggressive to humans. They live on live insects and vegetation and spend most of their days basking in the sun.

They have a funny way of communicating with each other. When a male sees a female bearded he likes, he does a little dance bobbing his head and puffing out his beard,he will stand on a rock to be higher than the female his beard will also go black just to show her what a handsome reptile he is. If the female likes him, she raises one of her

front legs and then puts it down gently this means he is in luck.  A little while later the female may have up to twelve eggs.

 When the babies are born they have to avoid being eaten by their parents so they have to make it on their own, this is why they have the instinct to hunt soon after birth.


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